About Phoibos' Octopus Logo

Posted by Phoibos on 20th Oct 2023

About Phoibos' Octopus Logo

As a microbrand in the diver watch world, Phoibos would like to take design inspiration from the ocean. 

In the ocean, an octopus is an ancient creature symbolizing flexibility, creativity, intelligence, expansion, and unpredictability. 

Sailors often get octopus tattoos to honor the sea creature. Therefore we use it as our logo to pay our respects to the sea. 

Besides, the octopus is stronger than it looks. They possess the strength to fight against sharks and other predators in the ocean. 

We would like to bring our customers the courage and strength of this octopus on the dial when they face difficulties and challenges in life. 

Furthermore, the crown on the octopus is our company vision and ambition to offer the best quality diver watch to our customers. Hope we will achieve good performance in the watch industry.

The three stars represent novelty, durability and versatility, which give us direction in the watch design. Hope our watch can give our customers singularity, reliability and companionship in any situation and occasion.