Hello Friends,

We are Ethan Guo and Emily Feng, a young couple who love traveling very much. In 2014, we took a trip to Greece, attracted by its rich history and beautiful landscape. Inspired by our visit, in 2016 we established our own watch brand: PHOIBOS. The name PHOIBOS comes from Ancient Greek Mythology and is the other name of the God of light and sun, Apollo. The meaning of PHOIBOS is “Bright, Shining One.” Our design philosophy is a watch can be a tool and still look classy !!!

We strive to manufacture watches of superior quality. As such, we only use Swiss quartz movements and Swiss or Japanese automatic movements made by the hands of craftsmen. PHOIBOS watches are designed to provide a long life and to withstand the most demanding real-world conditions. Since 2019, all of our PHOIBOS watches are made by a very high-quality Hong Kong watch manufacturer.

We offer 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for automatic watches. Our North America Authorized Service Center is Time-Tec Watch Service Center located in Los Angeles, CA, 90014, United States; they are the No.1 watch service center on the west coast. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to having you join the PHOIBOS community and providing you with your new PHOIBOS watch!

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Ethan & Emily

www.phoiboswatch.com ( USA and China warehouse, free shipping worldwide)

www.phoiboswatcheurope.com ( Europe warehouse, free shipping within the Europe Union)


Hong Kong Phoibos Watch Limited

Ethan Guo ---- Design/Web Development/Public Relations

Ember Lu ---- Management/Public Relations

Bruce Wang ---- Watchmaker Test & Repair

Amy Wong ---- Customer Support 

Judy Zhu ---- Customer Support 

Benjamin Feng ----Warehouse Management

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