How to track my package?

A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order is fulfilled.

You can find tracking information in your order details as well.

Here are some instructions to help track your package.

1.The package from United States Warehouse (USA customers Only) 

Your order would be fulfilled in our warehouse in California or New Jersey. And then it will be firstly shipped by DHL-Ecommerce (abbr.: DHLe) and USPS is utilized by the DHLe to handle the final delivery when it arrives in your local post network. It can be tracked on both official websites.



2.The package from China Warehouse (shipped by 4PX company)

Your order would be fulfilled in our China warehouse by the Third-Party logistics company 4PX who provides the comprehensive warehousing and transportation service across the world.

When your order is fulfilled in the warehouse, the shipping information would be immediately updated on and then it will be updated on the website of carrier in your country waiting for the arrival of package. The carrier is usually the post office in your country.

Note: If your order is shipped by DHL or FedEx, it would be updated on their official websites later. But the 4PX information would prevails for reference before airlines receiving package.

  • 1)The following is an example to the USA

  • 2)The following is an example to Singapore.

3.The package from China Warehouse (shipped by SF company)

Your order would be shipped out from our China warehouse by SF-eparcel (Free Shipping) or SF-express (Expedited Shipping).

  • 1)The SF-eparcel usually offers two tracking numbers.

For example to Russia is SF6042286901301/RU670304671NL. The former is SF tracking number, and the latter is agent tracking number offered by the overseas carrier that responsible for the transit to the destination country. The final delivery would be usually handled by your local post network. Both can be tracked on the websites below:

Tracking on

Tracking on

If you enter the agent tracking number here, you will find more detailed shipping information.

  • 2)SF-express just offers one tracking number.

For example, SF1035132329190 to Korea. It would be directly delivered by SF-express and can be tracked on

4. The package from China Warehouse (shipped by China Post EMS, e-EMS or ePacket)

It can be tracked on

5.The following is a list of carries that are responsible for the final delivery in destination countries for your reference:


Canada: Canada Post

Mexico: Mailamericas

Australia: Australia Post

Korea: Korea Post

Russia: Russia Post

Malaysia: Malaysia Post

Singapore: Singapore Post

Philippine: Philippine Post

Romania: Romania Post

The UK: Royal Mail

Netherlands: Netherlands Post

Germany: Germany Post

For more detailed information about shipping, please contact us via